Connecticut Would Waive Student Loans in Green Jobs

Trying to boost its workforce in high-growth green technology, the state would annually forgive as much as $2,500 of federal and state education loans for up to four years, or 5% of loans, whichever is less. (Associated Press)

NAHB to End Green Guideline Certification

Beginning this year, the association will phase out certification of homes under its Model Green Home Building Guidelines, making way for the National Green Building Standard as the only rating system NAHB will manage. (Custom Home)

Home Builders See Market in Solar-Powered and Public Transportation-Friendly Homes

The growing popularity of environmentally friendly homes that save money has many homeowners and builders jumping on the green bandwagon. (CBS News)

GE Moves to Thin-Film Solar Cells

General Electric, which has long made solar panels using traditional silicon, is converting to thin-film cells, using the same material as industry cost leader First Solar. (CNET)

EPA Recognizes Leaders in Energy Efficiency

The agency honored manufacturers, retailers, public schools, hospitals, real estate companies, home builders, and other organizations as 2010 Energy Star award winners (EPA)

New Jersey Appliance Rebate Program Criticized

Some retailers say it favors bigger stores because most smaller stores require rebates-by-mail, but rebates can be instantly obtained at Sears, The Home Depot, and other large chains. (The Star-Ledger)

Solana Beach, Calif., Adopts PACE Program

Town property owners who wish to purchase energy-efficient products for their homes will soon be able to fund some of them with loans assessed on their property. (The Del Mar Times)


Canada's Marz Homes Will Power All Its New Homes With Renewable Energy

The Ontario-based builder, which already runs its offices and jobsites on wind- and hydro-generated electricity, expects to close between 100 and 125 homes this year, all powered by renewable energy. (Builder)

Wood Groups Dislike USGBC's Third Try To Write Rules on LEED Points

FSC-US, SFI oppose plan for vastly different reasons. (ProSales)

High Housing Prices? Don't Blame Land Conservation

Stanford University refutes correlation between land conservation and expensive home prices in the San Francisco Bay Area and Silicon Valley. (Builder) 

More Than 5,000 Green Professionals Certified by NAHB 

More than 5,000 home builders, remodelers, suppliers, and product manufacturers have earned the Certified Green Professional (CGP) educational designation since it was introduced by the NAHB in 2008. (NAHB)