Most Americans Improving Energy Efficiency at Home
Six in ten Americans describe themselves as knowledgeable about energy issues, including sources of electrical power and energy efficiency, according to a new study. (PRNewswire)

Pyramid Explains Water Sourcing
A new conceptual tool from green guru Jerry Yudelson will help people understand where water will come from in the future. (Jetson Green)

Happy World Water Day! 22 Key Stories for Understanding Water Issues
For World Water Day March 22, Treehugger compiled a short list of the best reading from the last few months to help readers catch up on the biggest stories and news regarding water. (Treehugger)

KB Offering Solar Standard in Southern California
While the production builder has offered rooftop PV panels as an option for some time, it now will make 1.4-kW solar arrays standard equipment on more than 800 homes in 10 communities southeast of L.A. (The New York Times)

U.K. Green Building Group Speaks Out on Zero-Carbon Policy
The country’s Green Building Council has accused the British government of a U-turn on its 2016 zero-carbon homes policy, claiming it will damage green growth and emissions reductions in the housing sector. (GreenWise)

The New Home in 2015: Smaller, Greener, Smarter
In a study conducted by the NAHB, builders, designers, architects, and marketing specialists predict home sizes will shrink another 10% over the next five years, living rooms will continue to fade away or merge into other spaces, and low-E windows and engineered wood will be popular green features. (Mother Earth News)

The Future of Green Building: Integrating Solar Power Into Glazing
Israeli startup Pythagoras Solar has found a way to build photovoltaics right into sealed double-glazed commercial window units to generate electricity and control heat gain. (Treehugger)

Florida Town Scraps Plans to Build Green Demonstration Home
Pinellas County commissioners, increasingly uneasy over spending, halted a plan to build a $475,750 home to showcase the latest green technologies. (St. Petersburg Times)

NIST Test Home to Demonstrate, Research Net-Zero Construction Methods
A house under construction in Maryland will showcase technologies for achieving net-zero efficiency while providing long-term, real-world performance data. (EcoHome)

Neighbor to Neighbor Challenge Encourages Homeowners to Live Efficiently
Ridgefield, Conn., is one of 14 towns chosen to participate in a three-year program to encourage homeowners to get an energy audit to find how their homes are leaking energy, then to make the improvements needed to stop those leaks. (The News-Times)