Nuclear Jitters Brighten Solar Industry's Path
There is silver lining from this spring's political and nuclear crises for the fast-growing solar industry, whose fortunes depend on government subsidies and public interest in alternative and renewable energy sources. (CNBC)

Boston Launches Green Home Development Project
The city is launching a program to construct 10 homes that produce more energy than they use. (The Boston Business Journal)

Survey: Consumers Unclear on How Smart-Grid Technology Works
The smart grid is widely believed to be a significant factor in the future of efficient homes, but a new Whirlpool survey shows that 70% of consumers who are aware of the technology feel they only somewhat understand how it works. (Appliance Magazine)

Top 10 Clean-Tech Cities in the United States
Boston, San Jose, and Austin lead the list of "cleantech capitals," cities that offer a large array of renewable resources, a dedication by businesses and homeowners to become more energy efficient, and a large hub for research and development. (Reuters)

Sloan Updates AQUS Water Reuse System
The award-winning point-of-use greywater system has been updated with a redesigned look and feel. (Jetson Green)

Oregon Steps Up on Passive House Standard
Supporters of the Passive House trend achieved a landmark in Oregon when a committee charged with drafting the state's building code adopted a standard recognizing passive house construction. (Sustainable Business Oregon)

Electronics Overload Offsets Home Efficiency Gains
A survey by the U.S. Energy Information Administration confirms what most of us have seen first-hand: Electronic gadgets are using more and more energy in our homes. (CNET)

S.C. Lawmakers Try to Keep Traditional Light Bulbs on the Shelves
South Carolina legislators are attempting to circumvent a federal law that will force the phase-out of traditional light bulbs starting in 2012. (Environmental Leader)

Small-Scale Solar Power Presents Challenges for California Power Grid
California's antiquated electrical grid was never designed to handle large amounts of decentralized power, but that's precisely what it's getting now from tens of thousands of small-scale solar installations. (IVN)

USDA Ramps Up Pro-Wood, Pro-Green Policies
Agriculture secretary announces plans to preferentially select wood in the agency’s new building projects, enhance research in green building materials, and look for ways to show off wood as a green material in big buildings. (ProSales)

U2 Malibu Project Raises Questions About LEED
Critics say the proposed project in ocean-front Malibu is an example of how developers can follow the rules, but still violate the spirit of the national green building program. (AP Online)