Missing Green Architect Found Dead
Greg Franta, senior vice president of the Rocky Mountain Institute and one of the original creators of the LEED standard, was found dead after being reported missing a month ago. (The Denver Post)

Santa Fe Proposed Green Building Code Draws Mixed Reviews
The proposed code, which would establish energy, resource and water efficiency, indoor environmental quality, and other "green" standards for new homes, earns the support of some builders, the concern of others. (Santa Fe New Mexican)

DOE Doles Out $780M for Weatherization
The federal energy department is releasing the money in the next few days as part of the $8 billion effort to fund state and local programs for saving consumers energy costs and making government buildings more energy efficient. (GreenTechMedia)

U.S. Green Building Council Names Senior VP of LEED
Sustainable design leader Scot Horst has been appointed senior vice president of LEED, a new position within the USGBC, effective April 1. (Building Online)

Amory Lovins: Energy Efficiency Makes Economic Sense
If the U.S. could use existing energy more efficiently, the country could eliminate the need for about one-third of its existing electricity supply, according to environmental leader Amory Lovins. (The Wall Street Journal)

Stimulus Dollars Energize Efforts To Smarten Up the Electric Power Grid
The smart grid is an essential component of President Obama's plan to change the nation's energy habits and reduce U.S. dependence on fossil fuels, especially foreign oil. Accomplishing the vast national upgrade will cost hundreds of billions of dollars and require what one utility regulator called a "major paradigm shift" in the way people understand and use electricity. (The Washington Post)

40% of World's Electricity Could Come From Wind and Solar Power by 2050
During a presentation at the Copenhagen Climate Congress, Professor Peter Lund of the Helsinki University of Technology said with the proper financial and political support, by 2050 renewable energy could supply 40% of the world's electricity supply. Of that, 15% would be from solar power and 25% from wind power. (Treehugger)

IKEA Unveils Solar-Powered Lighting Product Line
Furniture superstore will soon stock solar-powered LED lights for outdoor use. The lights, which should be released in the next two weeks, range from globes and chains to posts and work lamps. (CleanTechnica)

California Counts Costs From Projected Warming
From flooded coastlines to drought and wildfires, California can expect hundreds of billions of dollars in costs from global warming in the decades ahead, according to estimates being compiled for the state's interagency Climate Action Team. (MSNBC)

Scientists Warn of 'Irreversible' Climate Shifts
Hundreds of leading scientists warned Thursday that global warming is accelerating beyond the worst predictions and threatening to trigger "irreversible" climate shifts on the planet. (San Francisco Chronicle)

Green Energy to Reach $325 Billion by 2018
Worldwide revenues from the solar photovoltaic, wind, and biofuels industries jumped 53% in 2008 to $116 billion and are on track to grow to $325 billion by 2018, according to a report released Tuesday by West Coast market research firm Clean Edge. (Fortune)