Find Cash Back for Building Green
Few buyers are willing to pay more for a green home, but building pros can bring costs down by taking advantage of rebates and incentives. (EcoHome Online)

Solar Hot Water to Save Toronto Homeowners Money
The city of Toronto is hatching a deal with a local utility and a clean-energy marketer to slash residential hot water heating costs. (The New York Times)

Mega Solar Deal  in California Enough to Power 530,000 Homes
Pacific Gas & Electric, a California utility, has agreed to purchase 1,310 megawatts of solar thermal power--enough to power 530,000 homes. (The New York Times)

Michigan Developer Turning Blighted Areas Green
A Farmington Hills, Mich., company that specializes in urban redevelopment projects is building its first green home in a blighted Detroit neighborhood that could see hundreds of similar units if the first phase is successful. (Oakland Business Review)

Green Activists Say Ohio Risks Stimulus Funds
Ohio could miss out on millions in federal stimulus money unless the state quickly adopts building codes with stricter energy-efficiency requirements, environmentalists warn. (The Columbus Dispatch)

Nearly One-Fourth of Austin’s New Homes Are Green
Long known for its save-the-planet ways, Austin, Texas, continues to be a national leader in producing eco-friendly homes, says Richard Morgan, Austin Energy's green building manager. (The Austin American-Statesman)

Pennsylvania Group Advocates Green Building Codes
Building or retrofitting houses to make them energy efficient could have big environmental and economic benefits, according to a new report. (The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette)

Wisconsin Power Company Offers Green Grant
Wisconsin Public Power Inc. is offering grants to families interested in living in a GreenMax home--a house so efficient it produces as much energy as it uses. (The Sauk Prairie Eagle)

Colorado Building Thousands of Net-Zero Homes
Thousands of super-efficient houses that generate all the power they use are under way in Colorado, a proliferation that promises to make the net-zero movement affordable. (The Denver Post)

Conference Explores Sustainable Technologies
Some of the brightest minds in the environmental industry met recently at the 2009 Sustainability Enterprise Conference to discuss the status and future of sustainable technologies. (The Sonoma State Star)

Rebate to Offset Costs of Pennsylvania’s Solar Homes
Pennsylvania will start issuing rebate checks in July to help homeowners offset the cost of installing solar-powered energy systems, but don't expect an immediate stampede to plug into the sun. (The Philadelphia Inquirer)

Manufactured Housing Makers Go Green
To survive the recession, the factory-built housing industry is expanding its energy-efficient offerings. (Builder)