More Than $467 Million To Go to Geothermal and Solar Energy Projects
President Obama says funding is necessary for the U.S. to create clean energy and green jobs. (EcoHome)

States, Nonprofits Jockey for Weatherizing Funds
President Obama wants to make a million houses a year more energy efficient. But the administration's push to expand an obscure anti-poverty program into a centerpiece of that initiative is stirring debate over the best way to use a flash flood of federal stimulus dollars. (The Wall Street Journal)

U.S. Official Advocates White Roofs to Save Energy
At a climate change symposium in London, U.S. Energy Secretary Steven Chu said the Obama administration wants to paint roofs a heat-reflecting white. (AFP)

Michelle Kaufmann’s Prefab Operation Shuts Down
Architect and visionary prefab designer’s firm falls victim to economy, despite backlog of clients. (Treehugger)

Banks Looking to Finance Green Projects
Some lenders and investors are giving energy-efficient projects the green light more quickly and with more gusto than they would for standard communities. (Apartment Finance Today)

Green Homes Sprout in Nashville Market
For years, it's been nearly impossible to find a home for sale in Nashville, Tenn., certified as green by any of the major environmental programs in the nation. But that's changing. (The Tennessean)

Building Code Battles Heat Up in Midwest
Builders associations are digging in to prevent or delay more stringent energy codes, saying they may drive up home costs. (The New York Times)

Energy Audits Now Part of Home Sales in Austin, Texas
Under a new ordinance, all homes more than 10 years old being sold in the Texas state capital must have energy audits. (UPI)

Maine Lawmakers Weigh Weatherization Costs
A sweeping energy bill expected to come up for a vote soon in the Maine legislature would set a goal of weatherizing all the state’s homes over the next 20 years. (Portland Herald Press)

New York Times Adds Green to Real Estate Listings
The paper’s online real estate listings now allow users to include “green buildings” as a search criterion for homes. (Inhabitat)