Illinois Governor Vows to Veto ComEd's Smart Grid
Under the plan, the utility would install new smart meters that could cut down on the practice of sending out estimated bills and customers could choose to lower their bills by running dishwashers and other appliances during off-peak periods. (Chicago Tribune)

Google CEO's Palo Alto, Calif., Green House Has Neighbors Seeing Red
With solar panels and a roof garden, the three-level mansion being built for Google CEO Larry Page has the hallmarks of a quintessential green building, but what's happening in the ground below the 9,000-square-foot house has some neighbors questioning how friendly it really is to the environment. (The San Jose Mercury News)

Nevada Legislators Lukewarm About Green Building Rating System
A new bill would add the Green Globes standard to the 2005 law that allows for a 50% property tax reduction for up to 10 years for green buildings. (The Reno Gazette-Journal)

Survey: Most Consumers Unaware of New Light Bulb Regulations
To meet upcoming efficiency standards, the light-bulb industry now faces a daunting task of re-educating shoppers who are still in the dark about their bulb choices. (The Wall Street Journal)

UC Davis Developing Nation’s Largest Net-Zero Community
Opening this fall, UC Davis West Village will include advanced energy-efficient design features and a high-efficiency solar power system to function using zero net energy. (Clean Technica)

Obama Cuts Solar Costs With $27 Million in New Funding
In line with the President’s goal of making solar cost-competitive with coal, the program is designed to cut upfront solar installation fees, which account for almost half the costs of most residential installations. (CalFinder)

Why Smart Appliances Are Oversold
While there is a coolness quotient and a convenience factor that will come with the ability to set the dryer or defrost cycle to run at night, the advantage of these machines communicating to the utility is limited, because, with a few exceptions, appliances simply aren’t the energy hogs they used to be. (Greentech Media)

$15.5 Million Florida Solar Energy Rebate Program Set to Begin
Residents interested in installing solar-powered upgrades to their homes and businesses can apply for rebates through a new five-year pilot program designed to help reduce energy use and peak demand. (Palm Beach Post)

Colorado Solar Growth a Boon for Economy and for Homeowners
A new report shows the growth of Colorado solar installers has far outpaced most of the nation. (

New Mexico Builders Disagree on Whether Green Codes Should Be Repealed
Although Gov. Susana Martinez has proposed rolling back the state's green building codes in order to make the state more business friendly, the very businesses that would be most affected are far from united on the issue. (The Republic)

Registration Opens for Greenbuild 2011
Trade show to celebrate its 10th anniversary in Toronto, Oct. 4-7. (EcoHome)