Habitat for Humanity Survey: Green Housing Seen as Unreachable for Low-Income Homeowners
Seventy-one percent of high-income respondents felt that green homes are affordable, with the majority of respondents in the other income categories saying they feel that purchasing a green home would be a financial hindrance. (Construction Digital)

Next Congress May Slow Green Jobs Growth
Republican gains in the next Congress will likely curtail spending on green construction projects, but the sector promises to be a source of job growth for an economy that sorely needs it, green building advocates said. (Reuters)

Toyota, Panasonic Jump Into Green Housing
The manufacturing giants are attempting strong advances in the sustainable housing sector in upcoming years. (The Kansas City Star)

Report: Green Building Booms Despite Economy
The U.S. green building market is projected to double its size by 2015, says a new report by McGraw-Hill Construction, which found that the growth has been particularly robust in the commercial sector, where one-third of all new projects are now built to green standards. (USA Today)

Smaller Homes Tied to Smaller Carbon Footprint
A new study from nonprofit green building organization Earth Advantage Institute concludes that constructing smaller homes is among the best ways to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and waste generation from the residential construction sector. (GlobeNewswire)

Proposed Nevada Home Energy Audits Spark Debate
The state’s real estate agents and green energy advocates are at odds over a proposed regulation requiring energy efficiency evaluations of homes before they are sold. (Business Week)

BuildingGreen Announces Top 10 Green Products for 2010
The list features five residential innovations, including composite decking, a high-efficiency toilet, and a smart pump. (EcoHome)