Internet Intercedes to Make Solar Cheaper
While researchers have struggled to push down the cost of solar photovoltaic modules, an innovative Web service is creating communities of customers who pay less for solar panels through collective bargaining with installers. (Wired)

Oregon Gets High Marks for Integrating Renewable Energy
A new report says Oregon is among the best states for regulations that encourage distributed renewable energy such as residential solar panels. (The Oregonian)

New EPA Rules Aim to Reduce Water Pollution From Construction Sites
A new national rule, which aims to significantly reduce the discharge of pollutants, will be phased in over four years beginning in February 2010. (Custom Home)

Is the McMansion Dead?
From accusations of ostentatious overconsumption to environmental indifference, the McMansion has taken some brutal hits in the recession economy. (Builder)

Builders Often Don't Recoup Green Cost
Going green is not necessarily paying off, builders say, because appraisers and lenders are not fully recognizing the added value of energy-efficient homes. (The Arizona Business Gazette)

Cash for Appliances Gets Under Way
The program will utilize nearly $300 million from the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act to fund a rebate program that encourages consumers to purchase Energy Star-certified appliances. (

Panasonic to Invest in Green Home Products
The company will invest $1 billion by 2012 in a plan to make its principal business equipping homes and buildings with solar power and energy-saving technologies. (Business Week)

Closed-Loop Geothermal Systems Offer Advantages
A closed-loop system is more reliable and requires less maintenance in the long term than the open-loop variety. (The Christian Science Monitor)

Greensburg Update: Sustainable Homes, Businesses Rise From Rubble
A Kansas town destroyed by a tornado continues its quest toward eco-conscious rebuilding. (EcoHome)

New Web Site Helps Builders Sell and Buy Excess Materials
DiggersList offers free classifieds specifically devoted to construction trades. (Custom Home)