Energy Star Appliances May Not All Be Efficient, Audit Finds
The Department of Energy has concluded in an internal audit that it does not properly track whether manufacturers that give their appliances an Energy Star label have met the required specifications for energy efficiency. (The New York Times)

Austrian Architects Design Green Homes from Construction Waste
The homes not only give wooden pallets a second life but can also provide simple, cost-effective, and energy-efficient housing. (DW-World)

State Energy Efficiency Rankings Shift
The American Council for an Energy Efficient Economy has released new rankings for state efficiency efforts: California again claims the prize for most energy-efficient state, while Wyoming is holding steady in last place. (The New York Times)

Solar Power's Never Been Cheaper
The federal government has invested so much cash into the solar industry that, combined with local incentives, buyers can save up to 90% on a system. (EcoHome)

Study: Affordable Green Homes Pay For Themselves
Enterprise Community Partners has committed $4 billion to affordable green building. (Builder)

Team Germany Wins 2009 Solar Decathlon
Solar generation earns Germany its second straight win; Illinois, California round out top three. (EcoHome)

Vice President Biden Unveils Plan to Expand Green Jobs and Save Energy
Energy-efficient home retrofits seen as key to economic recovery in Vice President Biden’s new green jobs plan (EcoHome)

500th Home Receives National Green Building Certification From NAHB Research Center
Milestone achieved as homes meet ANSI National Green Building Standard or NAHB's Model Green Home Building Guidelines. (EcoHome)