Jane Capital Partners Acquires E-Commerce Pioneer Green Home
Jane Capital Partners, an alternative energy and cleantech merchant bank, announced today it has acquired the San Francisco-based online eco-store. (Earth & Industry)

Portland Signs Deal With Swedish Green Building Company
The agreement will establish Portland as the company's North American foothold for the testing, development, and expansion for a new green home building system that uses a foam-like, environmentally-friendly cement substitute that is five times lighter than traditional concrete and provides better energy efficiency. (Sustainable Business Oregon)

North Carolina Seeks Solution on Green Homes
As the International Code Council debates energy efficiency this week in Charlotte, its host state is waffling over the costs of requiring new energy-saving measures. (The Charlotte Observer)

Solar Power Plant Breaks Ground in Mojave Desert
California's long-awaited boom in the construction of large-scale solar power plants has finally begun. (The San Francisco Chronicle)

Solar Homes Sell Faster and for More Money, Study Finds
In a study of several subdivisions built by different California builders, the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) found that solar homes sold 20% faster and for 17% more than the equivalent non-solar homes. (Clean Technica)

Meritage Reports Surprise Profit
The production builder reported a third-quarter profit, bolstered by success selling energy-efficient houses that include such features as solar heating; still, some of the company's energy-efficient products have been a disappointment. (Reuters) 
Peel-and-Stick Solar Panels Hit the Market
Lumeta’s PowerPly 400 panels use monocrystalline technology (a material commonly used in photovoltaic solar cells) and can be installed in 60% of the time required to install a traditional solar PV system. (Clean Technica)

Study: 95% of Green-Marketed Products Utilize Misleading Claims
While only 5% of the 5,300 products examined by TerraChoice were free of some form of greenwashing, the results, including in the construction sector, showed improvement over last year. (EcoHome)

Both Sides Line Up Against USGBC's Wood-Certification Vote
As the USGBC opens up voting on the hotly debated issue of which wood-certification programs can earn points under LEED, key players appear to be uniting--for opposite reasons—against the proposal. (ProSales)