California Funds Residential Energy Efficiency Programs
With a three-year budget of $3.1 billion for Southern California Edison, Pacific Gas and Electric Co., San Diego Gas and Electric Co., and Southern California Gas Co., the state utilities commission expands energy efficiency programs from simple rebates to more holistic approaches. (Custom Home)

Q&A: Michelle Kaufmann on the Future of Green Prefab Homes
A conversation with the Oakland, Calif., architect who was one of the first to make a persuasive case that prefabricated design could be green and chic. (earth2tech)

Report: Building Green Doesn't Always Cost More
The prevailing perception that it costs more to build green is not true, says a study conducted recently by global construction consultants Davis Langdon and the Urban Green Council. (The Epoch Times)

Brad Pitt's Incredible Floating Abode
The FLOAT house, designed for Brad Pitt's Make It Right foundation in New Orleans, is designed to do just that. (Mother Nature Network)

Britain's Greenest House Unveiled
The pioneering home combines British construction techniques with German technology, the first Anglicized version of the famous German Passivhaus. (The Daily Mail)

New Super-Efficient LED Bulb Lasts for 25 Years
One of the most exciting new products at the recent West Coast Green conference was the Pharox 60 LED dimmable light bulb, which uses just 6 watts and has the equivalent luminescence of the traditional 60-watt incandescent bulb. (Inhabitat)

Feds Give Virginia $40 million for Green Rebates
Virginia’s burgeoning clean energy sector got a big boost recently when Gov. Tim Kaine announced the state has received $40 million in federal stimulus money to fund energy-related initiatives. (Richmond Biz Sense)

2009 Solar Decathlon Showcases Sustainable Building on the National Mall
DOE-sponsored competition challenges students to design, build, and operate a solar-powered house. (EcoHome)

Maryland Energy Administration Stops Solar Incentives
The group has put a temporary hold on its wildly popular solar incentive grant program as it makes administrative changes to comply with stimulus funding reporting requirements, raising red flags among the area’s solar power installers and advocates. (The Washington Business Journal)

Idaho on the Forefront of Energy-Efficient Building Codes
Idaho builders and officials are working together to ensure that new homes meet international energy-efficiency standards, experts say. (The News Tribune)

EPA Recognizes Leaders in Water Efficiency
Five WaterSense Partners of the Year, including Kohler and Lowe’s, recognized for commitment to water efficiency. (EPA)

New Web Site Provides Training for Green Building Pros
A new Web site from the New Jersey Institute of Technology provides free educational courses on the nuts and bolts of building affordable green homes. (EcoHome)

San Mateo, Calif., Likely to Require Green Practices in New Buildings
If developers want to build in the city, they soon will likely be required to include green building elements such as low-flow toilets and non-toxic paints. (The San Mateo County Times)

Future-Proofing Garages for Electric Cars
Plug-in vehicles may finally be hitting the mainstream. Are your garages ready? (EcoHome)

Gassing the Chinese Drywall Problem
The company that killed anthrax in government buildings says the same solution fixes caustic Chinese drywall. (Builder)