Landscape Groups Announce Eco-Ratings
The Sustainable Sites Initiative is intended to boost the environmental benefits of nearly every type of landscape, from suburban backyards and urban streetscapes to public parks and college campuses. (The Washington Times)

Utilities Slash Solar Incentive Programs
The popularity of solar installations and falling prices has forced many utilities across the country to reduce their incentive programs. (The New York Times)

Kern County, Calif., Residents Use 80% More Water Than National Average
The reason may be the area's hot climate, low rainfall, large lot developments, and remaining patchwork of residences with unmetered water service, says Bakersfield’s water resources manager Florn Core. (The Bakersfield Californian)

New Orleans on the Forefront of a Green Building Revolution
Hurricane Katrina provided New Orleans  the opportunity to be part of an environmental revolution and rebuild its houses, schools, and neighborhoods in a green, sustainable way. (The Christian Science Monitor)

Survey: Homeowners Prefer Appearance Over Energy Efficiency
A recent survey shows that we’re a nation of backsliders when it comes to making energy-efficient improvements to our homes. (Builder)

Institute Offers New Way to Calculate a Home's Carbon Footprint
Green Footsteps tool helps builders and architects estimate a project's environmental impact and show them how to make reductions. (Residential Architect)

Scientific Investigation into Chinese-Made Drywall Continues
Consumer Product Safety Commission’s preliminary findings released. (Custom Home)

Energy Star Programs Get an Upgrade
EPA's new lead management role promises to strengthen the rating programs for products and homes. (Custom Home)