Big Green Home Goes Bust
A well-appointed green home outfitted with energy-saving appliances and other eco-friendly features might save money on utility bills and ease the owner’s conscience, but it won't always help close a sale in a tough real estate market, a California homeowner has learned. (Housing Watch)

Green Bay,Wis., Launches Energy Audit Rebate Program
Residents can qualify for up to $200 in rebates to have their home undergo an energy audit to find where energy is being wasted and ways that they can save energy and money. (WBAY)

Hemp Homes Are Cutting Edge of Green Building
In Asheville, N.C., a home built with thick hemp walls was completed this summer and two more are in the works. (USA Today)

Idea by South Carolina Utilities Leads to Energy-Saving Bill
The initiative, which will make rural homes more energy efficient through low-cost loans from the federal government, has passed the U.S. House. (Bloomberg Business Week)

Lowe’s to Expand Energy Centers Nationwide
The retail giant’s Energy Centers offer a one-stop-shop for customers to find ways to reduce their energy consumption and generate their own renewable energy. (

GE to Test Energy Efficiency of Smart Homes
The company will provide digital energy technology for a research project to test how energy-efficient homes can be with smart-grid products for consumers. (

Is Smart Meter Technology Unhealthy?
A California woman has endured insomnia, dizziness, and headaches after Pacific Gas and Electric Co. installed a wireless SmartMeter to measure electricity use in her apartment building. (The San Francisco Chronicle)

Governor Meets with South Florida HBA to Promote Green Building
The area’s construction industry is still struggling amid a slowdown, but that shouldn't hamper environmentally conscious building practices, the trade group said during a meeting headlined by Governor Charlie Crist.
(The Miami Herald)

Top 5 State-Led Energy Efficiency Programs
Colorado, Hawaii, Maryland, and New York are winners of first-ever awards for exceptional state-led energy efficiency programs. (EcoHome)

Business Leaders Urge Congress to Fix PACE Financing
Representatives of nearly 350 businesses from around the country lobbied federal lawmakers this week to pass legislation to revive PACE programs, which make green, energy-saving improvements more affordable for companies and homeowners. (EcoHome)