Build San Antonio Green Certifies 500th Home
The residential green building program started in 2002, but participation in the beginning was minimal, with just four homes were certified in the first four years of the program. (Express-News)

The Battle of the Bulbs
Three House Republicans have introduced the Better Use of Light Bulbs Act, which would repeal legislation that sets minimum energy efficiency standards for light bulbs and would effectively phase out most ordinary incandescents. (The New York Times)

SolarCity’s CEO on What’s Holding Back Solar Power in America
Lyndon Rive talks about how his company is helping Wal-Mart go greener, what it looks for in solar technology providers, and why the United States is simply not a solar leader—yet. (Green Tech)

Utility Pros Fret Over Consumers in Smart Grid
How successful utilities are at motivating consumers to actively manage energy will go a long way toward determining whether many smart-grid investments improve the country's energy efficiency. (

Huge Wind Farm Opens Off Britain’s Coast
The location of the world's largest offshore wind farm on the estuary of the Thames River makes it a showcase for Britain's push to move beyond fossil fuels. (MSNBC)

Sustainable Structures May Reduce Property Loss
The Institute for Business and Home Safety and the Portland Cement Association have devised high-performance building requirements for sustainability. (Insurance Online)

AIA: Green Products Still in Demand
The latest Home Design Trends Survey released by the American Institute of Architects has found that while overall interest in sustainable building products has declined along with a dip in new construction, many clients still desire resource-efficient, cost-saving, and green products. (Custom Home)