Young California Trainees Take a Shine to Solar Jobs
An Oakland-based green jobs program has led young workers to potential "green-collar" careers. (San Jose Mercury News)

Van Peebles: It's Not Easy Being Green
A new reality television show follows filmmaker Mario Van Peebles and family as they try to build a home that's environmentally friendly. (NPR)

Solar Decathlon to Spotlight 20 Cutting-Edge Homes on National Mall
For three weeks in October, the U.S. Department of Energy will host the biennial event, a competition in which 20 teams of college students design, build, and operate solar-powered houses. (Jetson Green)

‘Clunker’ Appliance Plan Still Short on Details
The federal government’s $300 million program is set to roll out in November, but it is unclear how much it will save in terms of energy consumption—and whether the old appliances will be recycled or just end up in a landfill. (

Energy Star Is Focus of Fall Efficiency Campaign
The EPA’s “Change the World, Start with Energy Star” initiative includes a multi-city, multimedia tour of the Energy Star Exhibit House, which showcases energy-efficient products and practices. (Environmental Protection)

Survey: New Urbanist Community Results in More Walking, Interaction
Residents surveyed in the new-urbanist community Orenco Station in Hillsboro, Ore., said their community is friendlier and offers more of a sense of community than other places they have lived, that they walk more often to the store, and occasionally use public transportation. (Builder)

Installer Cuts Time and Costs Using Solar-in-a-Box Systems
Pre-assembled, all-AC solar electric system allows Arizona installer to charge 44% less than with traditional systems. (EcoHome)

Better Materials Could Build a Green Construction Industry
The U.S., which lost millions of manufacturing jobs in recent decades, is in a strong position to capitalize on greener construction materials if research and funding are focused soon, according to panelists at the GoingGreen Conference. (Scientific American)

St. Louis Is Geothermal Hot Spot
St. Louis’ temperate climate makes the region an ideal ground zero for geothermal heating and cooling systems that drastically slash home energy costs, experts say.
(St. Louis Post-Dispatch)

Voting Under Way for Greensburg’s Chain of Eco-Homes Competition
With more than 155 designs submitted in the Chain of Eco-Homes design competition, organizers Greensburg GreenTown and are now calling on the public to cast votes for the best green house design entry. (Custom Home)