Low Impact Development Regulations Must Be Flexible, NAHB Says
Builders and developers support the goals of low-impact development but believe that federal, state, and local land development policies should be flexible and responsive to consumer preferences, according to Bruce Boncke, who testified before Congress on behalf of the NAHB. (Water World)

Valley Home Builders Luring Buyers with Green Features
Home builders in California’s central San Joaquin Valley are trying something counterintuitive in this tough real estate market: adding expensive features to their homes to lure buyers with energy-efficient features that can save hundreds of dollars each month on utility bills. (The Fresno Bee)

Touring the Incredible Healthy Home
Sponsored by Healthy Child Healthy World, the home mirrors the mission of this non-profit to educate and inspire parents to protect young children from harmful chemicals. (Inhabitat)

Energy-Efficient Homes Provide Hurricane Protection
Modular builder Blu Homes has announced their mK designs can resist wind loads up to 120 meters per hour, which is a Category 3 hurricane and upgradeable to resist Category 5 hurricanes. (Internetbits)

Energy Efficient Windows the Cause of Las Vegas Solar "Death Ray"
The Vdara Hotel's sleek profile and high-performance windows have turned it into a giant parabolic reflector, focusing solar heat into what hotel employees are now calling a "the Vdara death ray." (Justmeans.com) 
Why Energy Efficiency Does Not Decrease Energy Consumption
Leading energy efficiency economist Harry Saunders explains why energy efficiency does not decrease energy consumption in a conventional way. (The Energy Collective)

California Enacts Energy Storage Law to Help Prepare for More Solar, Wind
California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger has signed a law believed to be the first in the country requiring utilities to begin planning for ways to store electricity that could be dispatched as needed. (Sunpluggers.com)

Study: Organic Cell Solar Trumps Silicon
A new Rochester Institute of Technology study has shown that organic PV solar cells may be a better alternative over traditional silicon-based cells. (Earth Techling)

DOE Halts the Sales of Air-Con Air Conditioners
Ft. Lauderdale, Fla.-based heating and cooling company sold 2,000 10-SEER units. (EcoHome)

Italian Tile Makers Go Retro With Green Style, Design
With renewed confidence that good times are ahead, Italy’s manufacturers are expressing renewed optimism with bold looks, radical new textures, recycled-content products, and innovative offerings that incorporate features such as solar technology. (Builder)

Study: Rising Energy Demand Further Impacting Water Scarcity
A study by Circle of Blue could have implications not just for the relationship between energy demand and water scarcity in the U.S. but elsewhere in the world, as well. (Inter Press Service)

The EPA Solicits Input on Its Role in the Sustainable Products Realm
The agency is accepting public input to help identify how it may contribute to the development, manufacture, designation, and use of sustainable products. (Eco-Structure)