Market Ripe for Green Loans
Mortgages that encourage, and reward, home energy efficiency are available for consumers and builders who know where to look. (The Chicago Tribune)

USGBC Applauds Obama for Green Jobs Plan
Organization says strong investments in a crumbling built environment will create jobs, build resilience, advance sustainability, and stimulate long-term growth. (PRWeb)

Oklahoma MLS Goes Green with Updated Forms
The Oklahoma City Metro Association of Realtors is expanding its multiple listing service forms, adding fields that will help buyers zero in on green features that were relegated to the “remarks” section before, making them unsearchable. (The Oklahoman)

2012 New American Home to be Smaller and More Efficient
The National Association of Home Builders says that the two-bedroom modernist home is “leaner, greener, and smarter than its predecessors.” (Fine Homebuilding)

Home Energy Savings Highlighted in Latest from Consumer Reports
The report looks at what's new, what works, and what to think about for five energy-intensive areas: appliances, electronics, heating and cooling, energy management, and envelope. (Consumer Reports)