Santa Cruz City Council Seeks Community Advice on Climate Plan
The draft plan spells out how city residents and businesses can cut emissions 30% by 2020. (Santa Cruz Sentinel)

Home Depot Helps Fund Sustainable Habitat for Humanity Homes
The company’s foundation, as part of its campaign to build 5,000 affordable green homes, has announced which Habitat for Humanity chapters in 42 U.S. states will receive its funding. (USA Today)

Flexible Solar Panels Hit the Market
Solar panels for homes are generally hard, solid structures that require mounting, but thin-film solar panel maker SoloPower has broken the mold with durable flexible panels. (Green Building Elements)

New Sustainable Roofing Material Now Available
Los Angeles-based EcoTech is offering a roofing material, made from interlocking highly-advanced polymer panels, that is both durable and eco-friendly. (Green Building Elements)

Are Energy Star Ratings Too Lax?
On the heels of criticism from a New York congresswoman, Consumer Reports magazine said the ratings program needed to raise the bar on qualifying products and develop better testing standards. (The Los Angeles Times)

EPA Publishes First Indoor airPLUS Guidance Module
New technical guidance on moisture control details how to implement the construction specifications of the indoor air quality program for new homes. (Custom Home)

Chinese Drywall Update: Medical Fears Persist
Worries about possible health effects of the defective material are likely to impact the market value of affected housing even after all the bad drywall has been removed and replaced with U.S.-made material. (Coastal Contractor)