Bailout Bill Set for Vote Includes Renewable Energy Incentives
Bill would include billions of dollars for renewable energy production, including tax breaks for homeowners who purchase energy-efficient products. (EcoHome)

Al Gore Addresses West Coast Green 
Former vice president calls on green building leaders to continue their commitment to environmental stewardship and innovation. (EcoHome)

Activist Calls for Reinvention of Economy to Address Eco Concerns
Environmentalist and TV host David Suzuki questions whether we have the foresight to change our ways before the Earth runs out of fossil fuels. (EcoHome)

West Coast Green Showcases Eco-Friendly Products
From upgraded solar panels to SCS-certified tiles, these green products can help builders construct sustainable homes. (EcoHome)

Bill Clinton Reviews Housing Boom, Questions Lack of Efficiency Investments
In a Sept. 23 appearance on "The Daily Show with Jon Stewart," former President Bill Clinton looked back on the root cause of the housing bubble and wonders, “What if we’d put a lot of this money into solar energy, into wind energy, into hydroelectric vehicles, and making all of our cities as energy-efficient as possible?” (BUILDER)

Cincinnati Looks to Lead Green Roof Movement in U.S.
The Cincinnati City Council became the first in Ohio with a plan to channel grants and loans to residents and businesses to replace tar and shingles with vegetation. (AP)

National Building Museum Explores Healthy Communities
Opening Oct. 23, 2008, at the National Building Museum in Washington, D.C., Green Community examines how and why we plan, design, and construct the world between buildings and explores the ways large and small communities are changing their global impact. After it closes on Oct. 25, 2009, Green Community will travel to other yet-to-be-determined venues. (RESIDENTIAL ARCHITECT)

Urban Re:Vision Announces Winners of Re:Construct Competition
Re:Construct tasked designers with rethinking building materials, components, and construction methods to create new types of structures and techniques for sustainable building. (RESIDENTIAL ARCHITECT)

How Do Green-Built Homes Stack Up Against Healthy Home Recommendations?
The National Center for Healthy Housing would like to see green home building programs focus more on safety, injury prevention, and cleanability as important components of a healthy indoor environment. (CUSTOM HOME)

Schwarzenegger Signs California Urban Planning Law
SB375 addresses a key piece of California's ambitious goal to cut greenhouse gas emissions by 30 percent by 2020 under landmark legislation the governor signed two years ago. (San Francisco Chronicle)