Portland Real Estate Company Makes It Simple to Find Green Homes
New search engine gives green builders higher visibility. (Green Products and Technology Online)

Affordable Solar Power May Come in a Year
A Silicon Valley startup says it has developed technology that can deliver solar power in about a year at prices competitive with coal-fired electricity, a milestone that would leapfrog other more established players and turbocharge the fast-growing industry. (The Indianapolis Star)

Greensburg, Kan., One Year Later 
A year after it was practically wiped off the map by a tornado, Greensburg is rising again--and going green, too, with solar panels, wind turbines, tinted windows, water-saving toilets and other energy-efficient technology. (Associated Press/CNN) 

Plan for Low-Income Housing in Miami Gets Green Light
The project, which will replace 850 previously demolished public housing units and is a collaboration between the Miami Workers Center and the U.S. Green Building Council, allows students and recent college graduates the opportunity to draw up plans for energy-saving, non-toxic residences. (South Florida Times)

U.S. to Support Some Solar Power Research 
The U.S. Department of Energy says it will fund up to $60 million to support the development of low-cost concentrating solar power, or CSP, technology. (United Press International)