While architects and engineers often focus their sustainability calculations on the building envelope, clients often want to put their green investment on display. This week’s roundup features products and technologies that contribute both to a project’s design and to its eco-cred.

Diva, California Faucets
With a form and name that are designed to stand out, California Faucets’ Diva features a sleek geometric brass frame. The series, which offers a flow rate of 1.5 gpm, includes low- and high-spout fittings as well as single-hole lavatory faucets, bidet and Roman tub faucets, and thermostatic shower fittings. Among its 30-plus finishes are satin nickel (shown) and, in case you were wondering, 24K polished gold.

Ecophon Solo-on-the-Wall, CertainTeed Ceilings
Applications requiring design flexibility, such as open-plan offices and large commercial spaces, often have few creative alternatives to standard drop ceilings. From CertainTeed Ceilings, a new series of high-density, glass-fiber wall panels aims to manage acoustics while improving aesthetics. The Ecophon Solo-on-the-Wall panels are offered in circle, square, triangle, and octagon geometries. The low-VOC panels are made from 71% recycled content and feature a proprietary finish with 85% light reflectivity and 99% light diffusion.

Tabletops, Viridian Reclaimed Wood
Viridian Reclaimed Wood cut its new line of tabletops from wood reclaimed at the commercial ports in the company’s hometown of Portland, Ore. Among the sources used are shipping crates, pallets, and excess lumber in species such as Douglas fir and white oak. The tabletops come in custom sizes as well as standard dimensions for desks and restaurant tables.

Sapphire 7” Wall Mount LCD Capacitive Touch Screen Controller, Leviton
Properly managed lighting systems can lead to significant energy savings. To help facility managers monitor zone and building-wide illumination, Leviton designed a customizable, touch-screen graphical interface. The PC-based Sapphire system operates via virtual button, toggle, and slider controls; users can set rules for the system, such as fade time-outs and lighting levels.

MycoFiber Sheathing, Fortifiber Building Systems and Ecovative Design
From the makers of insulation that, literally, grows inside the wall cavity thanks to its fungal roots comes a rigid foam sheathing that comprises bio-waste, the fungal binder, and a weatherization wrap. MycoFiber is designed to help architects meet code requirements for continuous exterior insulation while serving as a continuous air barrier. The Cradle-to-Cradle-Gold-certified biomaterial comprising the sheathing’s core is adhered to a layer of water-resistive building paper. Both are supported by Fortifiber’s FortiBoard backer board, which is made entirely of recycled material.