This October, Dual Citizen LLC released the fourth edition of the Global Green Economy Index (GGEI), a measure of green performance and perception in 60 countries. The Index serves as a communications tool to aid policy makers and other organizations in environmentally-friendly decision-making.

The GGEI provides both a ranking of green performance and perception among experts in green fields, which shows the disconnect between which nations are considered greenest and which are truly leading global sustainability efforts. Performance rank, scored out of 100 by the GGEI, is measured by a series of indicators that fall under four larger categories including leadership and climate change, efficiency sectors, markets and investment, and environment and natural capital. In short, what is each country scored by the index doing to preserve the environment, limit emissions, invest in renewables, and promote global sustainability? Green perception is measured through a targeted survey asking professionals in each country to rate performance based on the same list of indicators.

The stark contrast between green performance and perception is the most intriguing piece of the GGEI. Here, check out the top 10 countries for green performance and their corresponding perception rank.

The top 10 greenest countries also differ between perception and performance. Germany tops the list as a green performer and Sweden as the country most perceived by experts as green. Check out how the top ten greenest countries differ between performance and perception.

Rank Green Perception Green Performance
1 Germany Sweden
2 Denmark Norway
3 Sweden Costa Rica
4 Norway Germany
5 Netherlands Denmark
6 United States Switzerland
7 Japan Austria
8 United Kingdom Finland
9 Finland Iceland
10 Switzerland Spain

Read the full report on this year’s GGEI from Dual Citizen here.