A first-of-its-kind survey has found that there are thousands of net-zero energy homes in the U.S. and Canada.

There are 6,771 residential units in 3,330 buildings across the two countries that can be classed as “zero-energy," defined as buildings that produce as much renewable energy as they consume, or could do so with minor modifications. The Net-Zero Energy Coalition, which commissioned the survey, points out that the construction industry is one of the main polluters in the world, responsible for 30 percent of all emissions, and so it’s important to make up for this by reducing building’s energy consumption.

It's no surprise that the state with the most net-zero homes is California, followed by Oregon, Massachusetts, New York, and Connecticut. Shilpa Sankaran, Net-Zero Energy Coalition’s executive director, said the survey was important because it lets people know how the US and Canada are progressing in terms of residential zero-energy buildings, and the data can be used to track trends moving forward.

“The numbers show major movement toward zero beyond current expectations, which should enable the market to see the feasibility of zero energy residential buildings from a financial, technical and market perspective,” Sankaran told Realty Biz News.

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