The Urban Land Institute (ULI) has transferred its Greenprint Foundation—a worldwide network of real estate professionals dedicated to reducing carbon emissions across the global property industry—to the newly formed ULI Greenprint Center for Building Performance. The center will continue Greenprint’s mission to support the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change’s (IPCC) goals for greenhouse-gas stabilization by 2030, and to reduce building emissions by half by that date.

Based in New York City, the Greenprint Foundation was founded in 2009 by ULI member Ronald P. Weidner. Its main publication is the Greenprint Performance Report, which includes the Greenprint Carbon Index, a benchmarking tool for the tracking of energy usage and greenhouse-gas emissions.

The Greenprint Foundation’s existing research program and interface with real estate owners will continue under the ULI Greenprint Center, which will be incorporated into ULI’s Climate, Land Use, and Energy (CLUE) initiative. ULI trustee Charles B. Leitner, former president and chief executive officer of the Greenpoint Foundation, will serve as chairman of the ULI Greenprint Center.