The three-dimensional, holographic signs and billboards envisioned for films like Blade Runner and I, Robot will soon be a reality. Japanese researchers at Burton Inc. have created a 3D laser projector that creates images in mid-air.

The aerial laser projections make 3D floating signs bright enough to see in broad daylight and are entirely untethered. The projections use an infrared pulse that is reflected off a mirror. The white dots that strung together make words and images are created by photons released when the points at which the laser is focused become ionized. This goes one step farther than most 3D displays seen today, which create 3D images on a series of 2D planes.

The bright signs suspended in mid-air have several applications in cities from public art displays to posting traffic information. These types of signs will heighten resilience in cities by using them for emergency alerts and disaster response updates that be seen by thousands at any time of day.

Check out the video below showcasing the futuristic technology, and read more about it from Gizmodo.