Charlottesville, Va.-based product sustainability group GreenBlue has unveiled a new branding and public outreach plan with the launch of its redesigned logo, mission statement, and website.

Founded in 2002 by architect William McDonough and chemist Michael Braungart, the nonprofit's original mission of promoting cradle-to-cradle thinking in building products and home design has expanded significantly in recent years. Currently led by Lance Hosey, architect, writer, and former director at William McDonough + Partners, GreenBlue now focuses on creating scientific research that helps businesses increase sustainability in manufacturing and design.

GreenBlue also restructured its internal organization to present more holistic and comprehensive services. The nonprofit's 21 employees provide one-on-one advisory services to companies and also hope to disseminate information to the general public. To that end, the new website features a blog, In the Loop, offering sustainability findings, science, and advice written in an accessible style so businesses, builders, and consumers can make better decisions about products. The updated logo subtly references the lifecycle philosophy that led to the creation of GreenBlue, and the mission statement conveys the company's expertise and purpose: Make products more sustainable.