Many of the technologies in the TV cartoon The Jetsons seemed like far-fetched ideas when it first aired in 1962. Yet, in 2016, many of the home features such as the video conferencing call are a reality. So what Jetson-like home technology features can we expect in our future homes?

In Curbed’s newest podcast “Curbed Appeal,” Verge news editor Jake Kstrenakes discusses why people are drawn to smart home products, the cons of smart home technologies, and the current state of the industry. From cooking, locking our doors, cleaning, turning our air conditioner and heaters on, and more, smart home technology could lead homeowners to a new level of laziness (and security risks). In fact, this is already being practiced with smartphone apps that let you control your blinds, lights, TV, etc. without the manual exhaustion of leaving your couch.

“A smart home is basically taking all of the different appliances in your home. Everything from the oven, sink, lightbulbs and making them all kind of talk to each other so your house can intelligent do stuff for you… Trying to make you life easier by making you not have to push every single button in your home.”

Kastrenakes goes on to explain that smart home technology has not quite swept into the housing industry. “This is still very niche. You kind of have to be nerdy to get into this now…. for the most part this isn’t wide-spread for now.” Furthermore, Kastrenakes discusses the security risks posed by smart home technology as our systems become more and more integrated and prone to hackers.

Listen to this insightful discussion on your way to your next job site via the link below.

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