Wind turbines have long been subject of NIMBY-ism on the count of aesthetics and noise complaints. For those who are more eco-friendly and could care less, there are the residential wind systems that promise just enough power for one acre of land, or a small business. And then there are the hardcore options, brought to you by Dutch Windwheel Corporation, a Rotterdam, Netherlands-based company who want to build bladeless, circular turbines that also serve as residences. What could be more green than actually living in a self-sustaining wind turbine?

The "Windwhell," which would be built in Rotterdam, features two rings, one that is a semi-circle and standing upright, serving as a structural component for the inner circle that sits at an angle and would also house the residences. The inner wheel would contain 160 planned hotel rooms, 72 apartments, a restaurant, and a panoramic deck. Within the center of it would be the motionless "turbine," which looks like a horizontal screen of several shutters. But that isn't the craziest part. The designers also proposed installing a roller coaster on the outer two rings, while exterior screen give a history of "Dutch water management."