Starting April 22, Earth Day, Zeftron nylon will begin accepting nominations for the 2010 Zeftron nylon Sustainable Practices Awards. The awards recognize facility, architecture, and design professionals in the continental United States who employ and utilize sustainable practices in three areas: work, home, and community. 

“Zeftron nylon is proud to recognize the members of our industry who are providing leadership with their environmental practices,” saysTim Blount, Zeftron nylon’s business leader. “With Zeftron’s rich history of producing high performance, environmentally responsible yarn systems, we understand the importance of committing to sustainable practices through work and home. As industry professionals continue to employ solutions for the improvement of our environment, we commend them for their contributions with our annual Sustainable Practices Award.”

Submissions will be judged on originality and innovation, and the best entries will be compiled for Zeftron nylon’s Best Practices and Green Tips, which will be made public at the end of the year.

Entry forms are online at spa.zeftronnylon.comand entries will be accepted until July 30, 2010. There is no entry fee. 

Winners will be announced in September and each will recieve a grand prize donation in their name to an environmentally focused charity.