2011 Builder Concept Home: Green Details & Products

Name: Builder Concept Home 2011 / KB Home GreenHouse: An Idea Home Created with Martha Stewart, Windermere, Fla. Size: 2,667 square feet Cost: About $140 per square foot Completed: October 2010 Certifications: LEED-Platinum, Environments for Living Certified Green, WaterSense, Energy Star HERS rating: 0 Builder and Architect: KB Home, Los Angeles Interiors and Merchandising: Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia, New York City

Enegy Monitoring The Utility Monitor from Verve Living Systems tracks electrical, propane/gas, and water usage and costs in real time via a Web-based dashboard on a PC or smart phone. Based on user-loaded local utility rates and budget goals for the month, and integrating solar electric/power fed back into the system, the monitor tracks each utility by the day, week, month, and year. 877.874.8774. www.vervelivingsystems.com.

Energy Recovery Ventilator The ERV90HCS ERV from Broan recovers and transfers up to 70% of waste heat to the incoming fresh air to reduce the heating energy load; it also offers built-in dehumidification and a controlled level of whole-house ventilation to promote good indoor air quality and an optimum air exchange rate. The unit is HVI-certified. 800.558.1711. www.broan.com.

Surfaces Solid-surface materials from DuPont Building Innovations deliver elegant, non-porous, and scratch/stain-resistant surfaces in a variety of applications. The Corian Terra Collection surfaces contain up to 13% pre-consumer recycled content, while the quartz-based Zodiaq Terra collection colors have up to 25% recycled-glass content and are certified by Greenguard for low-VOC emissions. 877.229.3935. www.builder.dupont.com. Compost Bin Set within the kitchen island counter, the Solon compost system from Blanco provides a convenient and durable container for organic waste collection. Made from recycled-content stainless steel, the dishwasher-safe, 1.5-gallon container features a near-flush lid with a hygienic seal to contain odors. 800.451.5782. www.blancoamerica.com.

Photovoltaics The rooftop array, featured on both the south- and east-facing roof surfaces, is an integrated system of tile-shaped panels from SunPower Corp. Sans grid lines, the black SunTile panels integrate easily with the flat concrete roof tiles for a near-seamless look while their advanced solar cells deliver up to 50% more energy than conventional cells, says the maker, converting up to 23% of available sunlight into electricity. 800.786.7693. www.sunpowercorp.com/homebuilders. SolarThermal A pair of roof-integrated solar thermal collectors connects to an 80-gallon storage tank with built-in electrical resistance backup, pumping solar-heated fluid through a closed loop to heat the domestic water supply. The complete, turnkey system from Velux is Energy Star-qualified and certified by the Solar Rating & Certification Corp. 800.888.3589. www.veluxusa.com.   Rainwater Harvesting  Modular, 50-gallon cisterns from Rainwater HOG tie into the homes gutter system and feature a bottom-mounted hose spout to irrigate 140 square feet of landscape. The units are designed to withstand temperature extremes and are made with FDA-approved potable plastic that does not off-gas. The units can be placed vertically (shown) or horizontally and ganged to achieve a desired capacity. 888.700.1096. www.rainwaterhog.com.

Hot Water Recirculation The D'mand Hot Water Delivery System from Uponor, installed within the company's AquaPEX tubing and manifold plumbing delivery system, uses a small pump at the kitchen sink and within both bathrooms to circulate hot water to the taps via a motion sensor or a button, saving water and reducing water-heating energy demand by up to 15 o/o. 800.321.4739. www.uponorpro.com.

Electric Car Charger The Siemens EVSE charger has a compact design and uses a simple on/off indicator with no complex wiring or configuration requirements. The key components are safely contained within a durable enclosure and rated for 208- or 240-volt needs. The charging station is UL listed and also complies with SAE standard J1772, the benchmark for electrical connectors for electric vehicles. 800.964.4114. www.usa.siemens.com/residential.

Open-Cell Insulation Installed against the underside of the roof sheathing to fill the truss and gable cavities, Johns Manville's open-cell spray-applied polyurethane foam insulation not only seals gaps and voids in the roof assembly, but also provides an R-value of up to 6.78 per inch. The resulting sealed attic space is within 7 degrees F of conditioned space and reduces duct leakage. The product is awaiting Greenguard certification. 800.654.3103. www.specjm.com.

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