9 Sustainable Selections

Charlotte Pipe and Foundry. ReUze new CPVC water piping system provides a practical, easy-to-install system for non-potable water uses inside residential buildings, a technology that can contribute up to 10 LEED points. The purple-colored pipe is marked with two lines of type clearly identifying the contents as non-potable water to ensure that water lines fit for human consumption are not crossed with non-potable water lines. www.charlottepipe.com.

Mataverde Decking. The Climate Shield system provides architects and builders with the flexibility to install rain screen siding horizontally, vertically, or even diagonally. No furring strips are needed because the system’s clips provide the proper spacing off the side wall and can be screwed directly into suitable exterior sheathing. Ipe, cumara, and garapa woods are available.  www.mataverdedecking.com.

Crossville. The Mixology metal tile line replicates cast metal sculptural pieces with a minimum of 50% post-consumer recycled content as certified by Scientific Certification Systems. Seven field tile designs in two sizes plus 10 trim options and two random mosaics are available in four distinctive finishes, providing 98 pieces total. All tile and trim in the line come with a clear protective coating to ensure a durable, virtually maintenance-free finish, the company says. www.crossvilleinc.com.

EuroShield Roofing. Designed to replicate the look of traditional North American slate, EuroLite Slate is a thin, light rubber roofing product made from 75% recycled materials. It is suitable for both new and remodeling applications at a price point on par with premium asphalt shingles, the company says. Scrap materials can be returned to the manufacturer for recycling, and the product comes with a transferrable limited lifetime warranty. www.euroshieldroofing.com.

Water Matrix. The WaterSense-certified Proficiency ultra-high-efficiency toilet uses just 0.8 gallon per flush to effectively evacuate both solid and liquid waste, consuming 37% less water than standard high-efficiency toilets. Its patented vacuum-assist flush technology produces a swift, powerful, and quiet flush, according to the maker. The unit features a stylish design with concealed trapway and easy cleaning surfaces. www.handhtoilets.com.

Arxx. The reFIT basement insulation system is comprised of lightweight, vertically interlocking insulation panels that install quickly with provided wall clips and shims. It requires no additional vapor barrier and has embedded strips for easy attachment of interior finishes. The panels provide an R-value of 13.9 for the finished wall assembly and are resistant to mold, mildew, and rot, the company says. www.arxx.com.

Vast. Old patios and decks can be resurfaced easily with composite pavers formulated with an engineered composite of recycled rubber and plastics, the company says. The manufacturing process uses 95% less energy than conventional paver production. The pavers are UV-treated, stain- and impact-resistant, maintenance-free, and guaranteed not to crack in residential applications. www.vastpavers.com.

Venmar Ventilation. Kubix heat- and energy-recovery ventilators are designed for condominiums and small homes up to about 1,000 square feet. With its cube shape measuring less than 16 inches on each side, the unit can be easily concealed in a closet or above a hot water tank to save valuable space, says the company. The line comes in five models, four of which are Energy Star qualified. www.venmar.ca.

American Standard. Featuring the company's exclusive PowerWash bowl-scouring technology, the WaterSense-certified Boulevard dual-flush toilet is easy to maintain, while offering up to 20% water savings compared to a standard model. It offers a choice of 1.6 gpf for solids or 1.1 gpf for liquids, while offering superior flushing performance, the firm says. www.americanstandard-us.com

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