California Dreamin' For LEED Platinum

Exterior materials include redwood siding and hardi-plank siding, both of which are durable and require little maintenance.

The brick and wood palette on the exterior continues indoors. Claire's on Cedros co-founder Terrie Boley, pictured here in a pink apron, is a lifelong friend of co-founder Claire Allison.

Landscaping for the saite features native and adapted planting that reduce landscape water consumption by over 50 percent. Fresh fruits and herbs are grown on site for use in the kitchen.

A dominant material on the exterior is concrete block containing 16 percent recycled content. Extensive use of this material combined interior finish, structure, and exterior finish in one material, eliminating the need for maintenance or refinishing.

The photovoltaic arrays provide added shade, pulling double-duty as a subtle overhang. Throughout the site, pervious concrete allows water to pass through it, reducing stormwater runoff.

Although the original bungalow on site was replaced with two new structures, Claire's on Cedros maintains a home-like feel with a casual porch at the bakery's entryway.

At Claire's on Cedros, a 1920s residence was transformed into a sustainable eatery. The original bungalow on the 20,000-square-foot lot was razed (with 75 percent of demolition waste recycled or reused) and replaced with two structures that fit in the original footprint.

A cool aluminum roof reduces the heat island effect, while two green roofs help reduce stormwater runoff and reduce irrigation needs on site.

Claire Allison, a professional baker, is the namesake co-founder of Claire's on Cedros.

Two installations of photovoltaic panels produces enough renewable energy on site to cover 37 percent of core and shell energy use.

Casual outdoor dining spaces are surrounded by a mixed palette of materials, including herb gardens that produce herbs for the kitchen.

The majority of interior finishes are reclaimed, made of recycled content, or harvested from rapidly renewable sources. Low-VOC paints, stains, and finishes were specified to improve indoor air quality.

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