Green Gypsum Options

Serious Materials. Made primarily from post-industrial waste and utilizing a natural drying process that avoids the energy required for calcining and oven-drying used in gypsum products, gypsum-free EcoRock contains 80% recycled material and requires 80% less energy to produce, says the company. The products fiberglass face and core materials resist mold without chemical treatment. It carries Greenguard and Cradle To Cradle Gold certifications and ULs Environmental Claims Validation. 800.797.8159.

National Gypsum. The company now offers its Gold Bond SoundBreak noise-dampening gypsum panels in a less expensive, thinner 1/2-inch version. The acoustically enhanced panels feature a layer of viscoelastic polymer sandwiched between two pieces of high-density mold-resistant gypsum to achieve STC ratings of 50 or more. The original 5/8-inch panel with Type X core also is available; both are Greenguard certified. 800.628.4662.

Georgia-Pacific Gypsum. An alternative to paper-faced gypsum, DensArmor Plus features glass mat facings on both sides as well as a glass-fiber-reinforced core to resist moisture and mold and mildew growth. The product can replace traditional drywall throughout the home or be used in areas prone to moisture, such as kitchens, laundry rooms, and basements. DensArmor Plus is Greenguard certified. 800.225.6119.

CertainTeed. ProRoc drywall with M2Tech technology features a water-resistant core and moisture- and mold-resistant paper face. The product is Greenguard certified and is available in Type X panels. M2Tech is also available in the companys newest product, AirRenew, which absorbs formaldehyde and other aldehydes in the air and converts them into inert compounds that remain safely within the board. 800.233.8990.

Temple-Inland. ComfortGuard Abuse-Resistant gypsum and ComfortGuard Impact-Resistant drywall include the companys TemShield mold protection system, which comprises a water- and mold-resistant core and facers. The AR product includes an extra-durable face paper to withstand scuffs and abrasions in high-traffic areas as well as an enhanced core density for extra strength and heat resistance. The IR board adds a special backing to keep impacts from penetrating the wall cavity, the maker says. The product is SCS certified for recycled content and is certified by MAS as a low-VOC-emitting material under the Collaborative for High-Performance Schools program. 800.231.6060.

Lafarge. Mold Defense gypsum for interior wall and ceiling applications features a moisture-resistant core and treated paper facings on the front, back, and long edges. The product, which is made from synthetic gypsum, can be used as tile backer in dry applications or in areas where some moisture is expected, like bathrooms and laundry rooms. The wallboard is Greenguard certified. The company also offers a ready mix compound that does not generate dust. 800.237.5505.

USG. Featuring a reformulated core and manufacturing process, Sheetrock UltraLight 1/2-inch panels are up to 30% lighter than competing wallboard, the company says, providing for more fuel-efficient shipping and easier handling on the jobsite. The panels carry ULs Environmental Claims Validation for 95% recycled content, a 20% reduction in transportation energy, 15% raw materials conservation, and low VOC emittance. 800.874.4968.

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