Light Fantastic

Post-cap lights are readily available and simple to install. Depending on post spacing, however, they may not fully light longer stairs.

Backyard America’s cut-out risers decorate as they illuminate.

Riser-mounted bulbs provide light but can glare into the eyes of a person climbing stairs.

One take on sidelighting stairs uses Dekor illuminated balusters.

Figure 1: Deck lighting should provide enough light for safety and ambiance, but not enough to read by.

Figure 2: The easiest lighting to install is solar powered. Although the caps can look great, the light from the LED bulbs may seem cold.

Figure 3: Transformers aren’t much to look at, but a good one is the heart of any low-voltage lighting system. Look for stout lugs, a replaceable fuse, and taps at multiple voltages to balance the lighting.

Figure 4: LEDs last a long time, consume little power, and work well in solar-powered fixtures. However, they typically have a blue cast that some clients find off-putting.

Figure 5: Highpoint Deck Lighting offers LEDs that fit in standard incandescent sockets and reduce power consumption by about 75 percent. To counter the cool color temperature, some fixtures warm the light by bouncing it off a brass reflector.

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