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Greenfiber. Premium Grade Retrofit cellulose blownin wall and attic insulation features an allborate fireresistant formula. The new formulation also provides a higher level of dust suppressant the firm says and is easy to install over any existing insulation. It provides an installed Rvalue of 13 at 4.1 inches 19 at 6.1 inches and 30 at 9.4 inches. The product is SCScertified for 85 recycled content and carries Energy Star certification. 800.228.0024.

Hanover. The companys 4x9 permeable pavers allow water to penetrate into the soil reducing stormwater runoff. The pavers which are ADAcompliant for minimal openings measure 458 inches by 9114 inches by 3 inches thick feature a 116inch bevel and hidden spacers and can support heavy lowspeed vehicular loads. They are available in all of the companys colors and in several textures. 800.426.4242.

Gaco Western. HFCblown WallFoam 184 BIO sprayfoam insulation is derived from naturally renewable oils postconsumer recycled plastics and preconsumer recycled materials. The Class I firerated foam offers an average Rvalue of 6.2 per inch the firm says and can reduce a homes carbon footprint by up to 13 a year the company claims. 877.699.4226.

GeorgiaPacific. Boasting a waterrepellant coating DryPly plywood subfloor panels absorb 40 less water during the normal construction cycle than uncoated plywood the maker says. According to the firm the materials stiffness minimizes floor squeaks. The product is SFIcertified. 800.284.5347.

BroanNuTone. The companys recessed fanlights now include a sensor that turns the fan on when it senses a quick rise in humidity then turns it off automatically. The Energy Starrated unit looks like a traditional recessed light but contains a concealed 70cfm ventilation fan that operates at 1.5 sones. The auto shutoff feature is adjustable from five to 60 minutes or can be operated manually. The fan is ULlisted for use over the tub or shower. 800.558.1711.

Kenmore. The 4.2cubicfootcapacity SteamCare washer features Smart Motion technology which creates a customized combination of five wash motions to custom clean each garment type. The Energy Starqualified unit includes a Cold Clean cycle that cleans as effectively as warmwater cycles and a SteamCare Generator to deep clean and refresh. The SteamCare dryer offers a 7.4cubicfoot capacity and includes Sensor Dry technology that detects moisture. 888.536.6673.

Quikrete. Green Concrete Mix comprises 50 recycled material including recycled aggregates fly ash andor slag cements diverting 0.25 cubic feet of waste from landfills per 60pound bag of material according to the firm. The material achieves a compressive strength of 3500 psi in 28 days meeting ASTM C 387 performance requirements. It is suitable for general concrete work. 800.282.5828.

Fontenay. Flooring in the Vintage Barrel collection is made with wood reclaimed from old wine barrels. The line includes Cooperage shown which features markings from barrel heads Wine Infusion with wood from the inside of the barrel and boasting the rich color of wine staining and Stave the outer wood material that sports the markings of the barrels hoops. 800.651.8225.

Icynene. MDR200 mediumdensity sprayfoam insulation uses 100 waterblown technology. The insulation provides an Rvalue of 5.2 per inch and offers a low vapor permeance for use in areas with higher levels of humidity according to the company it also is ideal for projects requiring the enhanced structural strength of a more rigid foam. 800.758.7325.

Oregon Scientific. Available later this year the Advanced Wireless Appliance Manager monitors realtime costs power consumption and carbon emissions for up to eight electrical appliances. Remote sensors plug into any outlet and communicate consumption data to the base unit shown. Features include a userdefined cost rate alarm and a programmable timer to control socket power.

Propex. The surface of Opus Roof Blanket synthetic steepslope roofing underlayment is more slipresistant than traditional synthetic and felt products the firm says and the product is durable enough to be walked on stays cool in the summer is lightweight and can be marked with a chalk line or pencil. The material can remain exposed to UV rays for up to six months. Opus installs with staples or nails but requires caps if left exposed. 800.621.1273.

Cree. Designed for the residential market the CR6 LED downlight features TrueWhite technology which the company says provides for warm light and beautiful color rendering. The 12watt lamp delivers 48 lumens per watt replacing a 65watt incandescent. It boasts a color rendering index of 90 and a color temperature of 2700K. 919.991.0700.

Artisan Group. Reclaimed Heritage countertops are crafted with wood from old barns factories warehouses textile mills and other commercial buildings. The line includes heart pine beech chestnut cypress white oak red oak and red gum. 512.263.7625.

Amana. The Tandem laundry pair is designed to offer increased capacity high efficiency and a stylish look at a more affordable price point says the firm. The Energy Starrated washer uses 73 less water and 71 less energy than conventional top loaders according to the company and it is CEE Tier 3qualified. Both units feature sound dampeners for quiet operation and Touch and Go controls for simple programming. 866.616.2664.

Mikron. Featuring triextruded frames and an aircell insulating core EnergyCore vinyl replacement windows offer nearly 15 improved fullwindow Ufactors over hollow vinyl the company says while blocking thermal conductivity six times better than fiberglass four times better than rigid PVC and three times better than wood. When combined with highperformance tripleglazing systems the windows provide a 0.15 Ufactor and a 6.5 Rvalue exceeding Energy Star standards by 50. Doublehung casement picture and doubleslider units are available. 800.456.8020.

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