Optimized Insulation

Bonded Logic. UltraTouch uses post-consumer blue jeans to make cotton batt and blown-in cellulose insulation with no formaldehyde or VOCs while diverting 300 tons of denim per month away from landfills. It is available in select R-values up to 30, absorbs sound for up to a 50% increase in acoustical performance, and offers fire- and mold-resistant qualities. New perforated batts enable easier installation around cavity intrusions to achieve optimal R-value. 480.812.9114. http://www.bondedlogic.com/construction-products/ultratouch-denim-insulation.

CertainTeed. A full line of compatible insulation options includes CertaSpray, a closed-cell expanding spray foam designed for complete coverage or hybrid applications (pictured) to provide air sealing and up to R-6.7 insulating qualities. It also serves as a secondary moisture barrier and offers anti-fungal-growth qualities. The company also offers recycled glass-fiber batts and blown-in with plant-based binders that contain no formaldehyde. 800.233.8990. www.certainteed.com/products/insulation.

Demilec. Sealection 500 is a two-part, water-blown polyurethane open-cell spray foam that delivers air-sealing and R-3.81 per inch insulating qualities. The formulation contains no ozone-depleting or emitting chemicals, gasses, fibers, or asbestos to promote healthy indoor air; the sealing value offers sound abatement benefits up to STC 51. It is appropriate for all wood-framed areas. 877.336.4532. www.demilecusa.com.

Dow Building Solutions. Froth-Pak is a two-component, quick-cure polyurethane foam that fills cavities, cracks, and expansion joints to deliver air sealing and R-5.35 insulating value, as well as a Class-A flame-spread rating. Other compatible and complementary products and systems are available to accommodate below-grade, wood-framed, and block/concrete construction, including insulated structural sheathing panels. 866.583.2583. http://building.dow.com/na/en/products/insulation.

GreenFiber. High-density Cocoon cellulose blown-in insulation is made from 85% post-consumer recycled newspaper purchased in bulk and from select community collections and 15% non-toxic borate additives to achieve a Class 1A fire rating. The coverage chart on the package indicates how much material is needed to achieve the desired R-value. The hydroscopic product can absorb up to 15% moisture content without losing thermal value and also absorbs 90% of sound transmission, says the maker. 800.228.0024. www.greenfiber.com.

Johns Manville. The company offers a wide range of insulating options, including Kraft-Faced Batts & Rolls made of naturally white, formaldehyde-free fiberglass. Applicable in all wood framing cavities, the batts are available in R-values ranging from 11 to 38 and in pre-cut batts. Complementary products include rigid foam panels for CMU/concrete walls, poly-encapsulated batts, and both spray- and blown-in fiberglass. 800.654.3103. www.specjm.com.

Knauf. The Insulation & Sealing System uses one-part, water-based, elastomeric EcoSeal applied with an airless sprayer to seal the framing joints; fiberglass EcoBatt insulation adds thermal resistance to R-38 per batt. Sealant accommodates gaps as small as 1/16 inch for optimal air tightness. A whole-house application installs in a half-day, says the maker, requires no safety gear or special equipment, and provides acoustical qualities. 317.398.4434. http://ecoseal.knaufinsulation.us.

Oregon Shepherd. Natural recycled wool loose-fill insulation delivers a high thermal resistance value (about R-4 per inch), resists settling per natural elasticity, and can absorb up to 38% of its weight in moisture without sacrificing thermal value. The all-natural product requires no safety gear to install and absorbs off-gassed chemicals from other products to promote better indoor air quality; it is also fire- and vermin-resistant. It is available in batts for floor cavities. 888.629.9665. www.oregonshepherd.com.

Owens Corning. EcoTouch Pink Fiberglas Insulation features new PureFiber technology made with formaldehyde-free minerals and plant-based compounds and a minimum of 30% post-consumer recycled content (50% total recycled content), the highest SCS-certified percentage in the industry. The product offers R-13 to R-38 ratings for all framed applicatons. The manufacturer recommends its application with an air-sealing method to achieve optimum thermal performance. It achieves Greenguard Indoor Air Quality and Greenguard Children and Schools certification. 800.438.7465. http://insulation.owenscorning.com.

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