PNC Bank Net Zero Energy Branch

PNC Bank’s first net-zero-energy branch aims to produce more energy than it consumes thanks to a range of sustainable strategies. Solar energy is the backbone of the architectural strategy, and the south side is shaded by panels above the upper windows.

The solar canopy provides shade and indirect daylight to the building. LED lighting is used both on the interior and exterior and adds a decorative element.

Paved pervious concrete, including that in the drive-through lanes, slows water movement to reduce the load on the city’s stormwater system.

The site features landscaping of entirely native Florida species to minimize irrigation needs. Ninety percent of stormwater is diverted to bioswales that clean and slow the water's path from the site to the city's systems.

A one-quarter-mile walking path loops the site, encouraging exercise and providing opportunities to learn about indigenous plants.

Gensler and PNC anticipate the branch to be 50 percent more efficient than the typical bank branch and elements of research from this net-zero initiatives have been implemented at 12 other branches in the Florida region.

Ceiling tiles and walls include products with more than 80 percent recycled content. Interior lights are dimmable and controls by photosensors that adjust the levels according to available natural light.

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