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Frigidaire. The Affinity series laundry set is rated for a modified energy factor (MEF) of 2.31 and a water factor (WF) of 3.8, or about 28% and 97% better than current thresholds, respectively. The washer offers spin cycles up to 1,100 rpm and purports a 25-minute wash cycle among 25 wash options, including an Energy Saver mode that automatically reduces water temperature. The 3.5-cubic-foot-capacity unit offers a stainless steel tub and drum. 800.374.4432. www.frigidaire.com.

Maytag. The Bravos line of top-loading equipment offers a 5.0-cubic-foot capacity, a built-in heater, and a 1,100-rpm spin cycle to wash more clothes more efficiently. The unit is rated with a 2.25 MEF and a WF of 4.3, or 25% and 74% better than current thresholds. Bravos is also the first top-loader to meet Tier III CEE energy specifications per the Department of Energy, according to the company. 800.344.1274. www.maytag.com.

Miele. The 3035 series of large-capacity (2.52-cubic-foot) washers are rated at 2.31 MEF and 4.4 WF, or 28% and 70% better than minimum Energy Star standards. The washer offers 11 wash-cycle options and six spin settings up to 1,300 rpm. A honeycombed stainless steel tub treats clothes more gently, the maker says. The unit also is equipped with Miele’s RemoteVision, which automatically monitors the appliance 24/7 and reports any user faults or potential service problems to the company’s service center. 800.843.7231. www.miele.com.

GE. Profile series SmartDispense full-size washers and dryers achieve an MEF rating of 2.23 and a WF of 4.0 (24% and 87.5% better than 2009 thresholds, respectively) and feature steam technology. The 4.2-cubic-foot-capacity, stainless steel–tub washer automatically senses the load and adjusts the water level to as little as 10 gallons per load; a spin cycle up to 1,300 rpm reduces the energy load on the dryer. The units communicate to match load settings. 800.626.2005. www.geappliances.com.

LG. The WM2701HV model offers a 4.5-cubic-foot-capacity stainless steel tub to reduce the number of loads; it automatically senses water hardness and detergent level, adjusting cycle length and water level to maximize efficiency. The washer achieves an MEF rating of 2.57 and a WF of 3.4, or nearly 43% and more than 120% better than current Energy Star minimum standards, respectively. The machine offers 12 cycle program choices, five wash-rinse temperature options, and variable-speed spin cycles up to 1,200 rpm. 800.243.0000. www.lge.com.

Bosch. The Vision line of full-size (3.31-cubic-foot) laundry equipment is rated to use 13 gallons of water per load, achieving an MEF of 2.52 and a WF of 4.5 (both 40% better than 2009 thresholds). EcoSmart sensors and intelligent controls continuously analyze the wash cycle and automatically adjust the water level, temperature, and suds level. The steam-option dryer’s EcoSensor measures the moisture level of the clothes and adjusts cycle length and heat level automatically. 800.944.2904. www.boschappliances.com.

Fagor. The FA-5812 full-size washer offers an MEF of 2.07 and a WF of 6.7, or about 15% and 12% better than current Energy Star standards, respectively. Sensors in the washer analyze the fabric type and the garment quantity and automatically set the temperature, spin speed (up to 1,200 rpm), and washing time to optimize energy and water use. The 1.97-cubic-foot-capacity unit includes a stainless steel drum and automatic door. 800.207.0806. www.fagoramerica.com.

Whirlpool. The Duet full-size washer offers 4.4 cubic feet of capacity, is CEE Tier III qualified, and achieves a 2.46-MEF and a 3.8-WF rating, or about 37% and 97% better than current minimum thresholds. With spin speeds of up to 1,300 rpm and smart moisture sensors in the dryer, a wash and dry load can be done in about 30 minutes, says the firm. The Eco Normal cycle on the Resource Saver dryer automatically senses heat and moisture. 800.253.3977. www.insideadvantage.com.

Asko. The W6903FI series full-size washer uses only 9.5 gallons of water per load or about 3,200 gallons a year. The unit achieves an MEF of 2.4 and a WF of 4.2 (33% and 78.5% better than 2009 thresholds, respectively). An internal heater produces optimal temperatures throughout the wash cycle while a 2,000-rpm spin cycle reduces the energy demand on the dryer. The 1.96-cubic-foot-capacity washer features stainless steel inner and outer tanks, and most components are rated for recycling. 800.898.1879. www.askousa.com.

Fisher and Paykel. The advanced top-loading, 3.7-cubic-foot-capacity washer (model WA37T26GW2) delivers an MEF of 2.0 and a WF of 5.96, or 11% and 26% better than current thresholds, respectively. The machine features three spin cycles up to 1,000 rpm and a load-sensing feature that automatically sets the correct water level and agitator wash action. A stainless steel basket delivers long-term durability. 888.936.7872. www.fisherpaykel.com.

Electrolux. The Wave-Touch (EWFLW65H) full-size washer is rated at a 2.31 MEF and 3.9 WF (28% and 92% better than current minimums, respectively), resulting in energy savings of 83% and water savings of 56% compared to conventional machines. The large-capacity (4.7-cubic-foot) tub allows larger and fewer loads. The washer offers a 1,350-rpm spin cycle and features an integral water heater and stainless steel drum. Fast wash and dry cycles complete loads in 18 minutes. 877.435.3287. www.electroluxappliances.com.

Kenmore. The 4.2-cubic-foot-capacity SteamCare washer features Smart Motion technology, a direct-drive motor that creates a customized combination of five wash motions to custom clean each garment type. The Energy Star-qualified unit includes a Cold Clean cycle that cleans as effectively as warm-water cycles, a Steam Care Generator that helps deep clean and helps refresh clothes, a Kids Wear cycle, and a Stain Treat option. The companion SteamCare dryer offers a 7.4-cubic-foot capacity and includes a Steam Refresh cycle to relax wrinkles and reduce odors in 20 minutes, and Sensor Dry technology that detects moisture for accurate drying times. 888.536.6673. www.kenmore.com.

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