Raising the Barn

The Mason Land Fram Operations facility provides space for servicing and storing farm equipment, as well as seasonal storage for grain and hay.

The project is comprised of two barns in a V configuration.

Barb B is made of multilayered bamboo latticework.

Inspiration for Barn B's latticework came from the bales of hay stored within.

The Mason Lane Farm Operations Facility includes a geothermal heating system that keeps the barn warm, even when the doors are open in the winter.

Utilitarian materials ilne the interior of Barn A, including Homasote, OSB and particle board.

Barn A maintains a simple material palette that eliminated the need for finish materials.

Contrasting views of Barns A and B.

In contract, Barn A features a prefabricated wood truss frame clas in corrugated metal wall panels.

The V configuration of the site allows a tree line to act as a natural windbreak and encourages stormwater drainage along pitched, pervious surfaces.

Barn A also has a radiant heating system embedded in the concreete slab and a boiler that burns wood debris from the farm.

The designs encourage natural ventilation.

The Mason Lane Farm Operations Facility

A detailed view of the construction of the bamboo lattice work on Barn B shows how the twisted, galvanized rebar ties hold the bamboo together. They can be adjusted as the stalks expand or contract.

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