Red, White, Blue, and Green: Calais, Maine

US Land of Entry Calais by Robert Siegel

The Calais LPOE is meant to look like two stone structures from afar, referencing boulders found in the Maine landscape.

The facade of the LPOE may look like stone from afar, but it is actually constructed of expanded aluminum mesh panels that use less material, cost less, and help filter daylight while providing views to the outdoors.

Addressing security concerns, the facade is constructed so that officers within can easily see out and monitor activities, while views from the outside to the interior are slightly obstructed.

Boulders excavated from the 50.3-acre site of the Calais port were repurposed as a dramatic visual element in one of two protected courtyards that connect the port's two volumes.

US Land of Entry Calais by Robert Siegel

Interior spaces include a secondary inspection area.

In closed-air spaces, such as the firing range, a forced-air system is used.

Low VOC and recycled materials were specified on the interior. Natural light is provided for every occupied space.

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