Red, White, Blue, and Green: Massena, New York

The footprint of the new Massena LPOE fits within that of a large traffic circle that previously existed on site.

The passenger canopy of the Masssena LPOE is purposely clean and free of lighting or security elements. By keeping the surface unobstructed, it can then be used as a lighting element itself, reflecting daylight from below.

After removing the existing traffice circle, the team re-sloped the site to mitigate existing wetlands. In all, the project remediated 4.7 acres of low-quality wetlands and added 9.4 acres of mitigated and constructed stormwater wetlands.

To marry sight lines with a degree of privacy on each of the three buildings that make up the Massena LPOE, the design team chose a combination of ballistic glazing, architectural concrete, steel plates, and a polycarbonate skin that creates shadow-box structures.

A supergraphic program was originally included in the facility design, but was later removed.

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