Red, White, Blue, and Green: Van Buren, Maine

Seen from the Canadian exit, the Van Buren Land Port of Entry is a Z-shaped port due to a tight, narrow site. Skylights installed in the canopy of the initial inspection areas wil filter daylight, while a silk screen with a forest camouflage pattern on the buildings will control glare and filter light for enclosed areas.

Van Buren will incorporate a geothermal system combined with radiant heating. The final number and total depth of the wells is yet to be determined.

The new Van Buren LPOE will replace a facility damaged by flooding in 2008. The new site will feature low mounds to help manage stormwater.

The aluminum-and-glass building skin is designed to reference trees in a forest.

Skylights in the inspection canopies will allow natural daylight to filter below.

Like many other LPOEs, the interior spaces of the new Van Buren port takes officer sightlines into great consideration.

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