Norbord. Solarbord Radiant Barrier Sheathing has heat-reflecting foil laminated to oriented strand board, so it installs like standard sheathings without additional labor and blocks up to 97% of solar radiant heat. It carries a 25-year warranty, is Energy Star and SFI certified, and is a NAHB Research Center Green Approved product. 888.667.2673.

Dow Building Solutions. Tuff-R Insulation has a polyisocyanurate foam core with radiant barrier-quality aluminum foil facers adhered to both sides. One side of standard Tuff-R is reinforced with kraft paper under the foil facing; Super Tuff-R includes a triple ply of polyester, kraft paper, and reinforced foil for increased durability. Available in several thicknesses and nominal 4x8-, 4x9-, and 4x10-foot sheet sizes, both types can be applied to a variety of substrates. They are Energy Star qualified and meet IBC/IRC requirements for foam plastic insulation. 866.583.2583.

Timber Products. Designed for warmer climate locations, radiant barrier foil softwood plywood panels for roof construction can help reduce attic temperatures and contribute to lower utility costs. The pre-applied foil wrap on the 4x8 structural panels blocks 97% of radiant heat, the company says, reducing heat gain in the summer and heat loss in the winter. The structural softwood panels are SFI certified; FSC-certified panels are also available. 800.547.9520.

Ainsworth. Thermastrand OSB roof sheathing has a micro-perforated, low-emission aluminum foil facing bonded to its surface during manufacturing, which helps to reduce or eliminate panel warping and foil bubbling. It blocks up to 97% of the sun’s radiant heat and offers a 25-year warranty against delamination. This product is certified to meet Sustainable Forestry Initiative (SFI) requirements, meets California’s Title 24 energy efficiency code, and is Energy Star qualified. 877.661.3200.

Innovative Energy. AstroECO is an aluminum foil-faced polyethylene bubble film made from 25% recycled materials. Its thin design profile (1/16- or 2/16-inch) makes it easy to handle and install, yet it provides R-values up to 9.3 when installed as specified, as well as reflectivity ratings to 96% and emittance to 0.05. The product’s specifications are verified by RIMA International, and it is Energy Star qualified. 800.776.3645.

LP Building Products. TechShield Radiant Barrier installs like conventional oriented strand board (OSB) roof sheathing but is manufactured with aluminum foil laminated to APA Exposure 1 rated sheathing. Energy Star qualified, it uses wood that meets Sustainable Forestry Initiative standards and contains no urea-formaldehyde, so it can help contribute to green building credits. It also features a patented incising process that allows construction moisture to dry quickly. It is available in nominal 4x8-foot sheets and a variety of performance categories (thicknesses). 888.820.0325.

TVM Building Products. Ultra NT Radiant Barrier is a “metalized” single-layer polyethylene sheet that is guaranteed against delamination. Available as a perforated or solid sheet, it reflects 95% of radiant heat with less than 0.05 emittance, and its thermal performance is not affected by moisture. This product has been verified by RIMA International to meet all applicable code standards. 888.699.1645.

SOLEC Solar Energy Corp. New Lo/Mit MAX Radiant Barrier Coating offers an emittance rating of 0.147, as verified by RIMA International, and meets all applicable code standards. This qualifies as the most efficient performance available for this type of product, according to the manufacturer. This silicone-based, waterborne liquid has a Class A flame-spread and smoke rating and low VOCs, and comes premixed. It can be applied to most building surface materials with a roller, brush, or standard low-pressure air or airless spray equipment. 609.883.7700.

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