Sun-Powered Jobsites

Solar Stik. The Nano-Series Solar Stik 100 & Power Pak 100 system is designed for light- to medium-duty applications and can store up to 1 kWh per day. Dual power receptacles allow for the connection of additional Stiks. The Stik transports in a reusable box or a Pelican transport case with custom foam inserts. The Power Pak has wheels and an extending handle for easy transport, the maker says. 800.793.4364.

Mobile Solar Systems. MS 100 solar generators range from 9 kWh to 18 kWh of battery storage capacity, .95 kWh to 4.68 kWh production per day, and 1.1 kW to 3.5 kW of output power. The Wells Cargo trailers are light enough to be towed behind most four- or six-cylinder vehicles, the firm says, and the products can include AC input or diesel and gasoline generator charging capability. 805.466.1006.

Powerenz. Custom solar-powered generators are built depending on how much power a user needs and how long a crew works. The units use LFP batteries, instead of the older lead acid technology, which makes them lighter in weight and 10 times longer lasting than other products, the maker states. Shown here is the LFP 200 Battery Module that has a monitor to display battery data and how many hours and minutes until the battery needs to be recharged. The time is based on a user’s average power consumption over a three-minute time frame. 770.639.2244.

Pure Power Distribution. Mobile Solar Power Systems feature rugged positioning platforms to withstand the rigors of the jobsite, says the firm. Easy to use, the units can be delivered, deployed, and powered up by one person in a few minutes. The products use General Electric polycrystalline panels and can range from 5 kW to 72 kW. 310.569.9151.

Spirit of the Sun Solar Systems. The Spirit of the Sun solar generator is ideal for areas where noise or other ordinances restrict the use of gas- or fossil-fuel-powered generators. With no moving parts, SOS solar generators run silently and emit no fumes, the maker says. Generators are available in a range of sizes and power outputs depending on the application. 480.226.6203.

SolSolutions. The standard SolMan generator runs small handheld power tools and small power tools, such as a circular saw, while the SolMan Deluxe lithium model is more robust and can run a worm drive, air compressors, and drills. The models work for small sites, but not for crews running multiple tools, the maker says. They can be designed for up to 1,200 watts of output power. 800.828.2965.

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