The KellyGreen Home's Progress

The Homeowners' existing house was leaky and lacked open spaces.

A blizzard caused about $10,000 worth of damage to the existing home and forced the family to reconsider building on their site.

Flooring was salvaged before the house was demolished.

Spraying water during demolition reduces dust pollution.

The family rents a house nearby, so they can watch the progress of their new home being built.

Framing and walls going up in late October.

The roof goes on just before Halloween.

The KellyGreen house is actually green!

High R-value windows allow for abundant glazing in the design.

A visit on Christmas Eve.

Drywall being delivered.

Once the LEED inspection and other testing is complete, interior walls are finished out in January.

FSC-certified cabinets being installed.

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