Weather-Sensing Systems

Rainbird. The company now offers its weather-sensing technology in a simple-to-set SST model, featuring a user-friendly interface. The device tailors zone-by-zone watering schedules to the landscape and adjusts watering for changing weather conditions. A sensor communicates temperature and rainfall amounts; the SST also makes adjustments all year long based on the homes geographic area. 800.724.6247.

Cyber-Rain. Using the Internet, the Cyber-Rain XCI controller adjusts irrigation times and schedules based on the weather, thereby providing for up to 40% savings on water bills, the company says. No day-to-day interaction or fees are required, and schedules can be updated via the Internet. In addition to PC control, XCI Cloud is now available, which allows the system to operate without an on-site computer and offers full feature access via the Internet as well as an iPhone app. 877.888.1452.

HydroPoint Data Systems. Using data from NOAA satellites and other sources, the WeatherTrak ET Plus irrigation controller adjusts irrigation output as the weather changes, ensuring watering only takes place when needed and eliminating overwatering. The controller also can be set for specific plant types, soil, slope, and sprinkler type to help quickly optimize watering schedules. 800.362.8774.

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