Windows Into the Mind

Ground floor windows are tinted with the colors of PET and fMRI brain scans to engage patients, visitors, and pedestrians. The 1-inch insulated glass is composed of two lites of 3/16-inch clear glass laminated with a color PVB interlayer, a 5/16-inch air space, and 1/4-inch clear glass with Viracon VE-85 coating on the number 5 surface. Standard 32-inch compact fluorescents in conjunction with 6-inch can lights from Gotham light the back seating area.

Abundant natural light from the atrium contributes to an estimated 21 percent savings in annual energy costs. Interior lighting fixtures from Focal Point combine 6-inch-wide continuous recessed linear wall slots along the reception desk wall and under the yellow soffit, along with 3-inch-by-5-foot recessed linear fixture T5 lamps. Natural window light on the fourth floor was supplemented with a 10-inch-wide wall-mounted indirect fixture.

A canopy of 1/2-inch laminated glass with clear interlayer and 1/8-inch warm gray line pattern protects patients from inclement weather while allowing sunlight to reach the lobby.

The 900-stall parking garage adjacent to the south entry reduces heat island effect. Daylighting design and energy-efficiency induction light fixtures help the parking garage use 66 percent less electricity than a typical garage of the same size and type. More than 40 percent of the site is permeable surface and native plantings and landscape provide 50 percent water savings in irrigation on site.

The north elevation combines Viracon VRE 1-67 vision and spandrel glass with a warm gray V933 frit coating on the number 4 surface to minimize thermal gain and glare. Custom-made extruded aluminum architectural fins bend to form the impression of an electroencephalogram, presenting a distinct profile for the center while helping protect interior privacy.

First Floor

Second Floor

Third floor

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