Zero Energy Idea House

Name: Zero Energy Idea House, Bellevue, Wash. Size: 1,630 square feet Cost: Withheld Completed: October 2009 Certification: 5 Star Built Green Seattle HERS Rating: 53 Builder: Shirey Contracting, Issaquah, Wash. Architect: Clinkston Brunner Architects, Seattle Landscape Architect: Windrose Landscape Design, Seattle Structural Engineer: Swenson Say Faget, Seattle

Wind Turbine The Helix S322 2.0-kW vertical-axis wind generator provides smooth power and torque delivery across a broad range of wind speeds and withstands difficult physical environments, the firm says. The generator produces usable power at 11.1 mph with optimum wind speed of 15.6 mph. The modular units are scalable; this unit is 10 feet, 10 inches tall with a 4-foot-by-8.66-foot rotor dimension. 877.246.4354. Solar Electric The 5.4-kW PV system, consisting of 24 SunPower SPR-225-BLK solar panels, is expected to generate an annual output of 4,119 kWh per year. The system also includes a SunPower SPR-6000m inverter and a SunPower Lifetime monitoring system. 408.240.5500. Green Roof The 1,000-square-foot vegetated roof consists of 2-foot-by-4-foot trays filled with growing medium and a selection of sedums chosen especially for the location and conditions. Rainwater harvesting uses a 3,000-gallon cistern located under the garage for irrigation of the site and the green roof. 800.488.0756. Window Flashing VaproFlashing, Factory Formed Corners, and VaproSillSaver are engineered to prevent moisture intrusion around windows and doors. 3D Factory Formed Corners are manufactured using a patented breathable membrane fabric with each corner formed using an ultra-sonic welding process; this eliminates weak joints compared to traditional heat welding, which can cause problematic leaking, says the firm. The flashing is pre-cut for easy installation. VaproSillSaver slopes 1/8 inch back to front to allow water runoff. The sills are compatible with most flashings and vinyl, wood, and aluminum windows and doors, and they are 100% recyclable. 866.731.7663.

Bath Tile Flux Studios Fortis Arbor wood mosaic tiles are made using bamboo scraps and are assembled with low-VOC adhesives. The company also makes tiles from leftover teak and rosewood. 773.883.2030.

SIPs The floors, walls, and roof of the house were built with Insulspan SIPs, featuring expanded polystyrene foam sandwiched between two sheets of OSB. The R-24 wall panels were custom-made based on the projects house plans, including pre-cut window and door openings and pre-drilled electrical chases. 517.486.4844.

Compost-Filled Living Wall The north side of the house features a living wall installed by Applied Organics. The structurally enginerred installation combines compost with special netting for reinforcement. The addition of plants allows for an atractive alternative to a concrete or masonry retaining wall, plus it also absorbs stormwater and produces oxygen. 425.844.9292.

Appliances The Miele G2470SCVi 24-inch Optima fully integrated dishwasher and KF18Vi-SS 30-inch bottom-mount refrigerator are Energy Star rated and feature a custom panel. Also included is the DG4082 convection/steam oven that allows homeowners to prepare multiple courses simultaneously, slow-cook, and reheat leftovers without drying. 800.640.2613.

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