The Yirego Drumi has some great things going for it as a washing machine--it uses 80% less water, it's electricity-free, easily portable, and the total wash-rinse-spin cycle only takes six minutes. The catch: the Drumi is 22 inches tall, and can only accommodate 5 pounds (6 or 7 items) at a time, making it a less than suitable end solution for the typical family household. 

Yirego Drumi

However, for two-person households, college students, or long camping trips, the Drumi is an ideal solution that eliminates wasted water when there isn't enough laundry to fill a full load in a traditional washing machine.  

You can see the foot-powered washing machine in action in the video below: 

The Drumi is available for pre-order by anyone in the U.S. or Canada for $129 until the end of June, but Yirego will launch a crowd-funding campaign after to manufacture the units. 

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